‘IT applications fostering a transition towards a circular economy’

Over Cirmar

Cirmar provides and supports integrated solutions for your complete supply cycle. Circular products deserve dedicated IT-tools. Cirmar is an initative of FBBasic and Ponthus.



Create your own ‘from waste to resource’ program;

Identify a products composition and how they can be recuperated;

Harbor your valuable circular products, components and raw materials;


Realise reverse logistics for all players in a supply cycle;

Monitor your progress in achieving your sustainability objectives and translate the SDG’s into concrete goals.

Combine supply and demand in secondary materials.

Case: Tricorp

Cirmar implemented C_passport®, C_bank® and C_dashboard® at Tricorp!

Cirmar supports Tricorp in their mission to produce circular work workwear. Tricorp is moving towards a circular collection.

The applications help Tricorp to identify a products composition, harbor their valuable circular products and monitor their progress in achieving sustainability objectives.


Tricorp understands like no other that a collective effort always achieves more than an individual one, because what is good can always be better, whether it concerns products, services or teamwork.

“Working together to focus on solutions and challenges, for each other but above all with each other; from supplier to colleague, form dealer to wearer and from athlete to charity: Our neverending search for perfection is not a choice. It is a sport, a team sport, and it is addictive.” 

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